International DDC Frisbee® Meeting 28 & 29.09.2019 Berlin


The Berin DDC Crew would like to invite you to the Berlin Cup 2019. We know it is a late invite and the chances for all are better to take part if we annouce this earlier. The reason was we wantet to play the European Championships after years of silence in Europe. The EFDF is not running well and it took time to get sortet. But we want to host the DDC EC 2020  we hope by than to get sanctioned.

The location will be somewhere in Berlin we have 5 fields to choose from, to be announced ASAP.  But not further than 8km form the city center. We will help you with the rooms. We might can offer some private accomdation as well.

The Date is end of September with the 27th to warm up and welcome party!

Now this is important! Please sign up by the 31st of July. If we don´t get enough teams we might cancel this DDC Meeting. So, if you want to take part please sign up soon. 10 Teams is our aim for the moment.

The Team Fee will be 50€ this will include a Plyers Pack, snack´s and refreshment at the fields.

Thank you for reading and let´s grow some rots for DDC in Europe!